Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey, End of May-Playlist

Have recently acquired some more new music!  Been obsessed with listening to Icelandic (trip is less than 2 weeks away!), but thanks to friends and remembering to look up some new stuff, I have this new fun playlist.  And there will me more where this came from.  
Thanks to the beautiful ladies who joined Naz and I yesterday in our spring yoga/reiki workshop!  It was a delightful afternoon together.  xo

1. Olafur Arnalds-- Pu Ert Jordin
2.      "            "     --  Pu Ert Solin
3.     "             "     -- Haegt, Kemur Ljosid
4. Stars-- Look Up
5. Sigur Ros-- Inni mer syngur vitleysingur
6. Mum-- Blessed Brambles
7. Jonsi-- Tornado
8. Broken Social Scene-- All to All
9. Thievery Corporation-- The Outernationalist
10. Jehro-- Master Blaster (Demo)
11. Leona Naess-- Un-Named
12. Stereolab-- Neon Beanbag
13. Tiken Jah Fakoly-- Missiri
14. Olafur Arnalds-- Tunglid
15. Deb Talan-- Whetstones
16. Theresa Andersson-- Hi-Low
17. Mr. Silla & Mongoose-- Do Not Know
18. Olafur Arnalds-- Gleypa Okkur
19. The Kinks-- Strangers
20. The National-- Little Faith
21. Sin Fang Bous-- Fa Fa Fa
22.  Sigur Ros-- Med Blodnasir
23. Olafur Arnalds-- Pau Hafa Sloppid Undan Punga Myrkursins
24.      "           "       -- Kjurrt
25.      "           "       -- Undan Hulu
26.      "          "       --  Loftid Verdur Skyndilega Kalt


j9 said...

It was a great session!!! And the music rocked!

Jenny said...

it was really great. am downloading some of your music.thanks for putting up the playlist.
.... and i am seeing red clover everywhere :)