Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Global Mala 2010, Help me Reach my Goal!

Hi friends & family,

There's a beautiful yoga event that has been taking place around the world over the last few years every September. It's called Global Mala and it falls each year around the UN National Peace Day and the Autumn Equinox, to bring awareness around the world for peace, well-being, and compassion for those in need. It was created by the teacher Shiva Rea and has spread to almost every major city in the world.
Yogis in those cities gather for most of the day to practice yoga together (this year it will be 108 minutes of yoga, plus kirtan and more for those of us in Boston). We unite to bring awareness/positive energy to our cities, and to the world. Each city has a different group, different charities they support, different events throughout the day...but the goal remains the same.

This year in Boston, it's led yet again by my friends of Yoga Three (Chanel, Bonnie, and Roberto) as well as a new board called "Yoga Reaches Out." It takes place this coming Sunday, September 19th around the world, and in Boston at Gillette Stadium (where the Patriots play football). It's something I look forward to every year and it's exciting that it keeps growing.
This year, I most likely will not physically attend the event since you all know I am pregnant and have been dealing with the stresses and sickness that goes along with it. However, I am still taking place in the event by trying to fundraise for the charities in Boston. All registrants have been given the goal to raise $250. My goal is to exceed that goal and at least raise $350!

No worries if you just can't do it, or quite frankly don't want to. I'm just putting the word out and seeing what happens, since I believe in small groups of people coming together to do great things. ;)
So if you're interested in donating $1, $5, $20, or whatever you choose, then go to my site at:

*FYI: You have til November 1st to donate!

And if you'd still like to learn more about the event, check out the website at:

Thanks for your support!


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