Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Flow of Iceland

"Maybe the goal with anything you do is to find the flow, it makes you feel alive, and it's important to me to feel alive.  And the more it flows the purer it gets, you know, you get into this mode where the things just happen and you don't even think about it, and afterwards you look at what you've done and you feel like 'wow that's really amazing.'"  --Jonsi 

I found this quote (from one of my heroes) in the magazine at the hotel where we started out our Iceland Yoga Adventure.  It pretty much sums up our experience there and how it feels to genuinely get into your groove on and off the mat.  It's certainly my goal in life.  
So, here I begin my story-telling of the month-long journey I just took.  Bare with me as I try to make interesting posts and share my stories.  ;)

We arrived in Iceland on the early morning of Sunday, June 6th.  There were 6 of us from New England, ready to feel the power of a new land.  My partner and I were the only ones who had been there before, so it was up to us to bring the enthusiasm and insight into such a special country.  The first thing we did was have skyr (Icelandic yogurt) and swiss mochas at the airport.  It was lovely for all of us to gather and chat over breakfast.  We already began a yogic discussion and I knew that the week was going to be a special one.  Then we took the drive to the Blue Lagoon.  It was there that we overcame our tiredness from the red-eye flight as we soaked for a couple hours in the healing, milky-blue, warm water.  Two of the gals got in-water massages.  You can also put the silica mud on your face and body as a sort of mask.  After turning our fingers to prunes, we decided to leave.  Drove into the capital of Reykjavik and had a nourishing vegetarian lunch at one of the restaurants there that specialized in simply veggie cuisine.  I was SO excited to be back in this city that I love.  Was constantly asking questions to our driver for the day (Siggi) as well as constantly pointing scenery and facts out to the group.  I am a total nerd about Iceland, but I feel this only adds the experience of everyone...right?  Haha.  
Once we arrived in the small town of Reykholt in the area called Borgarfjordur, it was late afternoon and the sun was shining bright.  We checked into our rooms at the hotel, took time to freshen up and relax, then met for our first yoga session!  It was warm enough that we did our 1 hour practice outside on the deck by the hot pots (the geothermal hot tubs).  We were facing the mountains and had just the sound of the birds and wind to rejuvenate us after the long day.  I led a rinsing flow for our hips and legs with a few backbends.  No warriors or standing poses at all.  It was just the right beginning for our week ahead.  
Dinner was beet salad with a lentil/barley mishmash.  Delicious and creative cuisine which had us excited for the week as well.  Bedtime around 10:30pm.  It was still light out and easy to want to stay up and explore/play, but sleep was calling.  First day in Iceland=success!  In fact, one of the gals said she could have left the next day and been satisfied.  Oh, just wait...

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