Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, Fun Happenings

*My schedule this month stays the same.  
My Bring your Baby class on Monday afternoons is slowing accumulating tiny yogis, so keep spreading the word to those moms & dads around who want an hour of yoga with baby in tow.  Karma Yoga Studio 2-3pm on Mondays.  

If you want some warm 90-min. vinyasa with me, then come check out Bow Street Yoga in Union Sq. on Thursday's at 9:30am.  

*Sunday, Jan. 17th -- I will be teaching a FREE class for the new Lululemon store in Cambridge!  
Located down the outdoor "hallway" next to Brattle Theatre and Algiers in Harvard Sq.
Just come by a little before 11 am.  We'll meet and then go to a tba location to swing some Sunday yoga love, and then be able to browse the yoga clothes and shop together.  Pretty fun way to spend a Sunday late morning if you ask me!  ;)  
There are lots of fun yoga apparel and accessories for both men and women.  And the lululemon ladies are so warm and friendly.  

Finally, a bit of yoga etiquette reminder for the New Year:
-try your best to arrive to class on time, preferably even 5-10 min. ahead of time.  If you get in a parking jam or the like and happen to be a little late, then please try to respect the start of class and enter quietly.  
-Welcome everyone to class, and be aware of the people, things, and space around you.  Try to accommodate for crowded classes by helping to create space for another mat.  Say hello to the yogi next to you.  Wipe the studio mat you used for class with the cleaning spray.  Keep it all light and respectful.  
-Please try not to leave class in the middle of savasana.  This is an important/sacred moment for most people and if you must leave early, do so before we all get settled into our stillness.  

"Practicing yoga, in a very real sense, is practicing moksha (freedom)."

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