Monday, February 14, 2011

Love this mid-winter

Usually on Valentine's Day, I would bring a special treat to my yoga classes and leave it next to every person during savasana so that they'd awaken to some more love on this day. Most of the time it's something of the dark chocolate assortment, of course! So today I miss doing I think I've done it for about the last 4 years. But, I am sending you all lots of chocolate delighted thoughts of sweet things, and love that should be carried with you each and every day.

I am in my 37th week of carrying this most loved child in my womb, which means by the end of this week I will be technically full-term and that feels so amazing that I can only imagine what the actual birth will feel like! On top of that, it's also 2 years now that my love and I have been together. His love is the truest I could have hoped for and guides me everyday to keep spreading the joy of connection, growth, and compassion that I believe in.

This week, I wish for you all to find something that brings you such love and to cherish and honor it. What else do I cherish? Our 2 sweet cats, my fantastic beyond words friends & family, wholesome soups with hot bread on these February nights, the sunsets, that bite of chocolate to get a gal through the day, that beautiful piece of jewelry that will always make me smile, downward facing dog to relieve my back and let my baby belly hang, soothing music, and these last days of cuddling on the couch before the babe arrives.

If you're looking for something fabulous to gift yourself and cherish this week, then I would highly recommend an inspired work of art by my dear friend, Mel, who creates such things of magic and beauty out in Alaska! Check it out:

Happy Valentine's Day!!

*In memory of my dear Grandmother Ruth Pici, who passed from this life 7 years ago today.

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