Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Poem to all of my Sweet Sisters-to Women everywhere

For the final day of our Art of Attention Advanced Teacher Training with Elena Brower, we were asked to write, perform, feel into something that we wanted to share.
This was my contribution...inspired by my own experiences, by ALL of the amazing women in that training, plus ALL of the courageous and beautiful women everywhere. Especially to my own mama.
If we are honest within, may we relish the quiet.
These transitions are our honor as women.
They bring us to the edge to recognize our fear but our greatness even more.
She says, How can I be bold and still remain myself?
This is part of the challenge, but to that I say--
Breathe It Out.

There will always be those who mistake your compassion for weakness,

your sensitivity for coldness,
your open vulnerability for cowardice,
or your love for competition.
Often it will be your mistake...
To that I say--
Breathe It Out.

Some days you'll put yourself last.

You'll feel foreign in your own skin.
You'll confuse your beauty for ego...or let the past take over the current flow.
To that I say--
Breathe It Out.

For WE are the magical ones.

The ones who feel the wind and can sense its mission.
Who can see inside and accept our truths.
Who can birth and raise boys to love and change the course of how women are received. 
Who can remain vulnerable and open at the same time, in the same space.

Vanda says, To be sensitive is to be alive.

This is our path to freedom. This is what it's about.
May we map ourselves and take it back. 
So be it.
And let's
Breathe. It. Out.

~Thank you, Elena, and my dear sisters along this path to pay closer attention to ourselves and to each other. 

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