Saturday, November 8, 2014

Postnatal Yoga Photo Journey

Here I am around 2 months after birthing my sweet Gus. I'm in my home practice space where he and I share interrupted yoga time together of on/off nursing, giggle and smiling breaks, walking around the room breaks...before I get too hungry or tired and then the practice is done for the day.
Soon enough, he won't be so teeny or nursing as much, and this stage will be gone. I'll love getting out to class more often (or at all), and the regular nap schedule (so one can hope) will mean a longer home practice. But this moment in time is one that provides such deep connection and brings a humbling aspect to humanity. I am so very lucky to get to be at home with him and experience it.
To all of you 4th trimester mamas out there (whether now, in the recent past, or still to come), be as loving as you can to yourself now. Know that time brings healing, newfound confidence again, and much more wisdom than you ever thought you'd have.

All photos copyright Cara Brostrom Photography. Thank you Cara for your unending support, friendship, and art as a fellow yogini mama. I am forever grateful.

My 3 year old provides welcome interruption for a hug and hello

Mom and Baby Yoga time

Nursing break!

Shirt by my friend An Li and pants from Be Present

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