Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May mantra: Taking it Slow

So I know I haven't been writing much on here as of late, and that's due to my new May mantra and vibe.  I've declared this month a time to "Take it Slow."  I found that spring set in, and all of a sudden everyone's schedule gets full of social events and celebrations and so much to do!  There have been birthdays galore, school celebrations, workshops, parties, and births...yes I am an auntie!  My younger sister gave birth to my nephew just this last weekend!  There is still so much to look forward to as spring continues on and we then get ready to welcome the heat of summer.  It's been easy to start to feel like one has to fit everything in and rush around.  I have been feeling that way the past few weeks, so I'm trying really hard now to not have any worries, but just to take it "irie" style.  Just do my yoga, teach, plan excursions that will nourish my soul (such as going to visit my nephew), and live/let be.
My macbook died and so I'm still in the process of figuring out how to transfer all my tunes from my ipod into my itunes again (which is why I haven't posted a new playlist in awhile)...
But the tunes keep coming, so don't worry!  And with my new May mantra, I find myself discovering new outlooks, interests, and talents as well.  I've been gardening, trying to cook more, going to art events/museums/performances, reading, yoga-ing of course, and writing music.  Yep, there is a gal group of "songstresses with sass" embarking on a journey together...and I shall have more for you all on that in the future.  Inspiration continues to flow.  Can you all find it?  

Upcoming Event:  My Vinyasa Flow Intensive Workshop is this coming Saturday at Karma Yoga Studio in Cambridge.  
*If you've had at least one year of a continuos vinyasa practice, then come by for an intensive flow, where we'll break down the poses to introduce more advanced variations.  This is aimed for those of you who've been taking my classes for the past few years and are ready to amp it up a notch!  It will be fun!  
When: Saturday, May 16th from 2-4:30pm
$46 drop-in, 25% discount for Karma members

And information on my fall yoga adventure to Iceland will be coming within the week...so stay tuned!  

Sending you all some of the slowness and love...

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Anonymous said...

I love that sweet of you perched in the tree. You are adorable! Best mantra ever and going to do my best to follow it... um... starting Friday :) Miss you sweet thing. And drew The Star on the full moon!