Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeling Mother Earth

It is a most gorgeous spring Friday here in New England. A lovely day for a New Moon. And it's the new moon in Taurus at that. Time to reconnect to our Mother that gives us life and energy. We celebrated Earth Day this week and saw the country in talks to actually start doing things about our environmental issues. But, as I mentioned in my classes this week...the more you come to your mats or your meditations, the more aware you'll become. Aware of yourself and your needs. Aware of your surroundings. Aware of what you put in and on your body. Aware of what you put in your mind and how you use it to treat others. I know you heard it all week, but Earth Day truly IS every day. And now is the time to be inspired and to set forth in your journey of what that means to you.

With that, it's been a somewhat long, tiring week here in Boston. Starting with Patriots' Day Monday...we saw so many come to bust their booties on the challenging course (props to Jess, Andreas, and Antonio!). Then it rained, rained all through the middle of the week. My computer completely shut down (as I write this from someone else's). People came to class dealing with family sickness, break-ups, work exhaustion, finals overload. And then this morning I discovered my flat bike tire, making me then have to book it the half hour walk to teach my class (and I just barely made it in time)! But ya know what?
Class was fantastic. Full of faces new and old that I was so grateful for. Great energy and peacefulness. And among all the little things from the week that maybe went a way other than expected, I realize today that there were more positive than not.
I took class from a friend this week, had lunch and dinner with friends, spent plenty of time with the person in my life that inspires me most, snuggled with cats, listened to fun music, talked up yoga in front of strangers in a boutique, and felt warmer air on my skin. Venus is very present in the skies at the moment. It's time for us all to keep invoking our creativity, and take pleasure in the art, beauty, and natural life around us. This new moon has us figuring that out within ourselves and starting fresh again, but also remembering to slow it down. Spring has sprung, yes. But as I learned in my hurried state to get to my students this morning, we can take in spring one day and one step at a time. For that I can't wait for the spontaneous surprises around the corner and the the gifts our Earth Mother might bring, if we simply remember to take her in and treat her right. Off to a weekend to do just that...

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