Thursday, April 2, 2009

Starting Spring Fresh Playlist

With my spring has sprung attitude, I give you a new mix as we plunge into April.  GDEB is from San Diego and is great electro/ambient/yoga-inspiring vibes.  Theresa Andersson is a New Orleans artist by way of Scandinavia and she's totally eclectic and up my ally (thanks Inez for the reminder to check her out).  And Ms. Nina Fuller is one of my loveliest friends.  Look for her to play around town soon...

1. Goddamn Electric Bill:  March at Dawn 
2. GDEB ("): Before
3. Theresa Andersson: Hi-Low
4. GDEB: Lost in the Zoo
5. Theresa Andersson:  Birds Fly Away
6. Nina Fuller: Never Doubt
7. Theresa A:  The Waltz
8. Nina Fuller:  Grammy's Song
9. GDEB: Looking Up at Down
10. Nina Fuller:  Veiled Future
11. Gavin DeGraw:  Mountains to Move
12. Theresa A: Locusts are Gossiping
13. GDEB:  Witching Hour
14. Theresa A:  Innan Du Gar
15. Theresa A:  God's Highway
16. GDEB:  Opa
17. GDEB:  The Nuclear Family

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Mishka? Look him up. He has been singing me along my morning bike rides and I think I might be in love. I think you'll totally dig the chill reggae groove.