Thursday, April 9, 2009


Aries Full Moon in Libra:

Time to liberate yourself from what you think others expect from you or what you think you need to be like. This is a great time to find a loving attitude toward yourself and to trust that you know who you are and what your destiny is. Plus, it's the best full moon of the year to take in all the pleasures of life. To find sweetness in your days, to form a fresh attitude, and to be vibrant!

If you're in need of inspiration...check out my amazing friend, Meghan's story. She is such an inspiration and she is proof of someone who trusts in herself and her destiny.
I follow her blog (she's a holistic nutritionist and it's always full of helpful info and recipes).

I'm home visiting my family today through the weekend and finding time to take in sweetness of those I love. Hope you all can do the same. Upcoming April yoga event details to come...

"She (the yogini) is always aware. She is called a drashta- a seer. She is the witness of events. Your aim on the path to realizing and awakening your dormant potential should be to eventually unfold this faculty of awareness within yourself." -Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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Anonymous said...

Jenn! I was reading your blog getting all inspired by YOU and your wisdom and then pops in my name! You are so sweet. And I love the moon in aries. Going to go for a walk in the sunshine and smile at some strangers. Have a great weekend with the family.