Friday, July 31, 2009

Rain after the sun on day 31

It's the last day of July.  Gratitude?  Check.  Have relied on it all month and will continue to.  Morning of breakfast and catching up with a friend at my neighborhood cafe, biking around for errands and posting my Iceland flyers around town (you know you wanna come with me!), teaching my noon yoga class, staking up my tomatoes, and now taking in the new Riceboy Sleeps album (again, you know you want to come to Iceland to check out where this music comes from...).   There is a summer monsoon-like storm setting in for the late afternoon.  Perfect for this music.  Seems like a whole lot to be grateful for to me!  
Haven't been blogging or making playlists as much as of late because I'm still trying to enjoy life and take the summer as it comes.  Went to Nantucket with my love to take in the grey lady's mist, do yoga in nature, swim with seals, and reflect on the beauty around us in life.  
Hope everyone out there is doing the same, no matter where you are!  
Looking forward to August and a new mantra, a new sound, a new creative energy to enhance that beauty that sets us into who we are and what makes us feel alive. 

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