Thursday, July 9, 2009

rely on gratitude

The sun came out for 3 days last weekend to bring us summer just in time for my birthday and the holiday weekend, and it couldn't have been a better one.  Those 3 days after a month of continuous rain and clouds made it all the more sweet and has encouraged my new mantra for the month of July:  Rely on Gratitude.  
With the most splendid friends, yoga students, family, community, and the awesome ability to get to do what I love as my life's work...there is nothing else to feel this month other than gratitude for being alive.  
The weekend ended with a Cancer Full Moon in Capricorn asking us to confront old voices within that prevent us from finding our own inner voice.  Summer is still fresh, everyone!  Keep your spirit alive by staying on track with this gratitude.  Breathe it into your hearts for your health, your yoga, the people in your life, anything that makes you smile...
Keep using the mat to confront those old voices, sit with the fear in order to let it resolve, and then let it go.  Be patient with the process.  I believe in you, and the rest that summer has to offer.  
Then off to Iceland at the end of game?

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