Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sag New Moon/solstice brings New Light

It's almost true winter, in just a few more days.  Until then, we have the new moon here in December to guide us into new habits and new stories that we create for ourselves.  Time to create a more yin way of life instead of yang.  Time to simplify life, slow down and take part in the nature of the season.  If you practice a more yang style of yoga, then making sure to take the rest of life a little slower from here until spring.  Maybe even try to add some more restorative styles of asanas to your regular practice or try a new yin class.  
Most importantly, it's time to work positive habits and thoughts towards yourself into life again.  We all concentrate on the more annoying traits about ourselves, and the negative things from our day.  So try focusing instead on all the positive things you provide to the world.  My friend, Meghan, has the best recipe for this...calling it her positive abundance recipe!  Check it out:

So put on some tunes that will perk you up (I recommend Tori Amos' new Midwinter Holiday album), eat some warming spiced foods & teas, and practice following your inner guru to seek the light that you already possess.  

Happy Holidays everyone!  

p.s. One way to make a positive shift this holiday season is by shopping at local businesses!  We are lucky in Boston to have lots of unique shops in each neighborhood.  Our economy needs better habits, too...so try to support the 10% shift and go local!  
Some of my faves:
Grand in Union Sq.
Abodeon, Irish Imports and Greenward in Harpo (between Harvard and Porter)
Topaz and Looks in Harvard Sq.

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