Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nurture, and Be Nurtured

I was extremely lucky last week.  My entire energy field was treated by the 4 hands of the talented and lovely Chanel Luck and Anna Whiting in a double craniosacral therapy treatment.  All I can say is, Wow.  It was magic.  I had gone way too long without doing something so nurturing for myself.  And now after healing from the birth and giving my son tons of nurturing love, it was emotionally and mentally necessary that I received some of that same kind of nurturing.  I've experienced reiki, regular massage, shiatsu, thai massage, but had never gotten to experience craniosacral therapy.  I've known Chanel for about 4 years now and had always meant to get this from her.  Chanel is one of the brightest, most passionate, fun-loving, caring of women that I know.  I'll never forget when I first met her after moving to Boston.  We were sitting next to each other at a bar one weekend night and when she overheard me mention yoga, she introduced herself.  Openly talking about yoga in a bar...we knew that each other were cool.  ;)  I soon after signed up for her Art of Alignment & Assisting Training, which allowed me to move even deeper in my practice and teaching, plus meet new friends.  Ever since, Chanel has been one of the biggest trailblazers in Boston for the yoga community.  She has such a powerful prana to vibe from and is such an inspiration.  After my treatment last week, I now remember why.
Her beautiful friend, Anna, was visiting from Australia.  They studied craniosacral together and so sometimes are fortunate enough to get the chance to perform a double-handed treatment on people.  I had no idea what to expect.  Once finally getting my baby to relax to sleep, I had about 30 minutes to bliss out.  I got on the table, closed my eyes, and allowed their energies to soothe me.  After setting mindful intentions, the music of my favorite film entered my ears.  They had put on the Whale Rider soundtrack! Having never heard the soundtrack, but having been moved by the film so deeply, I instantly recognized it.  Something about the combination of that and their immediate touch, so full of love...I could barely keep it together.  All that had been knotted up inside (both joyful and overwhelming energies) started to release.  By the end, I felt like I was floating on water or resting on clouds.  Anna and Chanel had the power to soothe and connect to exactly what I needed with the most delicate, subtle, yet powerful qualities in their talent.  They are mothers in their own way and to so many that they touch.  By the very end of my session with them, I was able to let go a flood of tears and be embraced by the reminder that nurturing oneself is something everyone needs.

It's been a challenging time, this new motherhood business.  It's the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced.  I look at baby Isak every day in awe that he came from my husband and I, and just how special he is.  At the same time, I sometimes mourn my old days of being able to hop on my mat without interruptions and do all those things from my "old" life.  I knew that becoming a mom would be all of these things.  I am one of five, and I've seen the hard work and the delicate balance my Mom has had to walk on.  There are times for crying out of pure exhaustion, out of loneliness, confusion about what do...but then there are times for crying from a simple smile that your child flashes, the feel of their touch, and just knowing how much love there is between you and them.
I know my Mom rarely takes time to nurture herself in the ways that she truly needs.  Of course it's just now that we're all grown that she can take more time for herself.  Even now she's still busy as a grandmother and helping all of us figure out adulthood.  I've also seen my sister become a mom.  She came to visit last weekend and we both got a chance to relate to one another and spend some good one on one time without the babes (restorative yoga class!).  Now that I am a mom, I understand it all so much more and realize just how cool Mother's Day truly is.  Even if you aren't a mom, we all have one and we can all identify with these feelings.  There's always something we are "mothering" in life.  When you think of it that way, it makes you appreciate your real life mother figure even more.

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