Saturday, May 21, 2011

Late Spring Update

Hi dear friends,

I'm a little late this month with this newsletter, but as I'm quickly finding out, that's the way it goes now that I have a baby!  His needs come first.  All is well and I'm slowly getting used to my new schedule...wait, I mean, lack there of.  Ha!  Have been able to jump to just a couple of public yoga classes thus far.  Still mostly fitting in what I can at home when baby Isak is sleeping or in a good mood.  I'm feeling stronger and slowly more like myself each day.  
I hope all of you aren't too bummed from the consistent rain and cooler weather so far this May.  Summer is just around the corner and all of this is gonna make just that much more sweet, I think.  We just returned from a much needed trip to visit our families in PA and NY, which included lots of grandma/grandpa love and proved we CAN travel with this little person at a fairly easy rate.  It just takes lots more planning and time.  
I have decided that I will not be getting back to teaching until end of summer/early fall.  This is due to personal family-time reasons (such as getting some work done on our house) and also just wanting to spend as much time taking in these first precious months as possible!  I may still teach a little bit on Nantucket later in the summer, so I'll let you all know if that pans out.  Also, I'm trying to post on here more if I can find the time and feel like I have something to say.  ;)  

Keep taking in all the yoga you can to prep yourself for the warm months ahead and counter all of your outdoor activities.  I recommend lots of basic ragdoll and slow sun salutations if you've begun to jog, cycle, or hike more.  You gotta keep those hamstrings, calves, and hips oiled up to prevent stiffness and injury!

Finally, my beautiful friend from yoga and beyond, Jenny, is hosting her art illustrations this weekend at the baby boutique, Bird by Bird in Inman Square, Cambridge.  It's this Sunday, May 22nd in the afternoon/evening.  I love this boutique (especially now) and love Jenny's work even more.  Maybe I'll even catch some of you there?  (See attached invitation for more details)

Keep enjoying life and staying inspired.  
Much love to you all,

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