Monday, June 13, 2011

Just saying playlist coming soon!

Hi friends,

Haven't had many moments to get on this here blog with things to say.  I've had various ideas come to me in the last few weeks about new topics to discuss, but haven't had the chance to write it down and now can't remember what all they were (that's what motherhood will do to ya)!
Isak is 3 months now and we're settling into each other with such love.  He has become more alert, more happy, and cuter than ever.  I've had some time to get out to yoga classes and this evening we had family yoga time where my husband, Isak, and I all did yoga.  It will remain a challenge to continue to make time for myself like I used to, but my new life is just the lesson in yoga I need right now.
I won't be back to teaching until September or October, depending, so until then, I hope to rebuild my practice, my yogic vocab, and meditation.
I have some new playlists swirling around (and those ideas...), so I do hope to make time to update on here a couple times a month this summer.  Wishing you all a beautiful lead-in to the full moon and the summer solstice ahead in the next week and days.  xxo

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