Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brand New Summer Playlist

I'm practicing to this set of tunes lately.  And trying to focus on a mindful, slow, strengthening flow.  Getting into those creaks in my back, hips, legs that scream at me from too much baby holding/bending/sitting.  And working carefully on those abs.
I look forward to sharing my new insights about the body when I return to that post on the mat in front of a class in a couple more months.   More importantly, sharing the new insights that have developed in my mental state, and the pure, ecstatic joy of love that a baby brings!
A year ago, I was in Iceland with a select few on my yoga adventure that took us all to new growth & magic within.  And then my Isak came to my body.  This playlist was inspired from those memories.  And now this summer is so brand new.

Summer Fog--The Album Leaf
Because of the Blood--Sin Fang
Blank Pages--The Album Leaf
Easier--Sin Fang
Within Dreams--The Album Leaf
Slow Lights--Sin Fang
Full Moon--Efterklang
Calgary--Bon Iver
Stand Still--The Album Leaf
Sing From Dream--Sin Fang
Until the Last--The Album Leaf
Tied Knots--The Album Leaf
Iridescence--Hildur Gudnadottir

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