Friday, September 9, 2011

End of Summer Update

Hi hi my yoga friends,

I think of all of you SO very much.  It's true!  Random visions of many of you will pop into my brain when I'm practicing or when taking a class.  I'll see all of your different versions/alignments of asanas, I'll feel the energy from an old class if I'm practicing to an old playlist, or I'll hear some of your voices asking questions or telling me stories.  This is all proof for how much I miss teaching and how much it's such a part of me.  Since becoming a mother, I feel an even deeper urge to DO something more with teaching.  To create something that will take it to another level.  This is my new journey and I am excited to see what may come of it.  
DO share your latest yoga stories with me!  It will help me reconnect with you all and still be around (sort of).  Where are you practicing?  What has changed in your practice?  Anything you'd like to see different for when I do return?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  

So, I say final Summer update because it IS still summer ya know?  Maybe not in the sense of school or vacations or whatnot, and maybe the weather is changing, but we do have 2 more true weeks of summer left.  I hope you're all enjoying it in various ways and preparing to celebrate the coming season with a new spirit of patience and east.  
And patience?  Well, I talked a bit about it in the last blog post.  And now I need it even more, as we have found out that the work on our home in Somerville is probably going to last until November!  November?!  I won't be returning home until then, and maybe not even back to teaching til sometime after that?  Ugh.  Okay, deep breath, and again, patience.  

One thing that is very cool about this?  We get to continue living on the "faraway island" of Nantucket!  Now that it's beginning to be off-season here, we are much more on our own, with fewer visitors, and less people and tourists around.  It's really been special to be here all summer.  And now instead of being back to the daily grind, we get a couple more months to take in the magic of this land.  And to do it in autumn!  Plus, we got married here almost one year ago, and it will be lovely to celebrate here again, now with our little Isak.  
Another positive about getting to stay here longer?  More time to continue cultivating my practice.  If I were back in town again, I'd have millions of "things to do" on my schedule.  Out here I get to practice when I make the effort to, which has been often (yay!), around 5-6 days a week.  I'm so much stronger now (6 months postpartum)...hello chaturanga and continued vinyasas!  Still just working on getting some inversions back and such, but am in no rush to hurry on the advanced asanas.  In time.  
Luckily, I get to keep attending class at The Yoga Room.  It's such a peaceful studio with skilled teachers.  It's a joy to find a presence there and develop some relationship with the community over here.  Thank you Bettina, Sally, Paul, Elizabeth, Caitlin, Shannah, Clay...

Next time I write, it will be the new season and we'll all be in a new place internally, yet again.  Do connect with me on facebook or on here if you haven't already.

So, here's to fun yoga, new experiences, bright futures for us all.  

love, love,


P.S.  My possible Family-oriented Yoga Vacay to St. Lucia-2012 is still in the cards.  If you or others you may know might be interested, contact me as soon as you can!  The earlier I know of interested folks, the easier it will be for me to make it happen.  Plan is for first week of March...

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