Monday, June 4, 2012

New June Playlist, and baby savasana

Amazing new music came out this spring.  I'm still trying to compile it all and figure out the best ways to incorporate it into yoga playlists.  All of the songs listed below are from the new releases by Sigur Ros, Sin Fang, Theresa Andersson, Norah Jones, and Beach House.  Here is the first one:

1. Sigur Ros: Daudalogn
2. Beach House:  Myth
3. Sin Fang:  Walk with You
4. Norah Jones: Happy Pills
5. Theresa Andersson:  Street Parade
6. Beach House:  Wishes
7. Sigur Ros:  Varud
8. Sin Fang:  Shine for Me
9. Beach House:  Lazuli
10. Sin Fang:  It's Not There
11. Theresa Andersson:  January
12.  Beach House:  The Hours
13. Sigur Ros: Rembihnutur
14. Sigur Ros: Valtari
15. Sigur Ros: Fjogur Piano

Hope you can join me to flow to these special tunes this summer!  And check out my little guy this past weekend.  I had him in my studio so I could try to practice, it was a rainy day, and I had the new Sigur Ros on...he took the best savasana ever.

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