Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Subs & Update

Hi dear yoga friends,

Cheers to all in this brilliant summer month!  We're half-way through the moon cycle now.  Between the time for reflection on working towards your dreams that the full moon provided last week....and the chance to start anew with the new moon mid-next week.  I just had a birthday, and how delighted I am this month, and this moment to count all of you who read this very blog as influences, teachers, loving energy on my path.  Thank you ALL for your continued support by coming to my classes, staying in touch, and encouraging me to keep teaching, studying, listening, feeling.  I am so extremely blessed and joyful this moment to feel such a full life with so much more ahead.  And I have a feeling there really is SO much more ahead! 

My subbing schedule news this month:
Wednesday, July 18th: My 6:00 class will be subbed by An Li Liu
Sunday, July 22nd: Both of my morning classes will be subbed by Bethania Bacigalupe
Wednesday, July 25th: My 6:00 class will be subbed by Sarah Baumert
*I will be in Nantucket during this time soaking up lots of family time with grandparents & cousins & friends, plus taking in the first Nantucket Yoga Fest!

*Speaking of Nantucket, you may have seen my flyer up at KYS for my upcoming late summer (September) Nantucket Yoga Weekend! (see attached flyer if you haven't been to Karma lately).  DO message me if interested and I can start holding spots.  I will open deposits in a few weeks.  Would LOVE to have so many of you on board to share the magic of this close, yet faraway island in our New England sea.  I'm only accepting 10-15 spots.  

*Check out my website in progress!  I am making it myself and it's taking awhile to get good enough, but it is there now.  I'm doing a yoga photoshoot next month, and will continually be experimenting with backgrounds, tabs, fonts, etc.  Check it out at the moment for more info on my yoga vacation plans/ideas, my yoga history, and more.  

Finally, one of my early students and friends, is now a teacher in Boston and has started such a special community service aspect of his practice.  He's looking for more volunteers for this event later this month.  Check it out!
Karma Service Community with Ian Lemieux-- see facebook invite below

Love, love to you all,

p.s. Remember:  "As you cultivate your own nature, all else follows."

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