Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun Music for new Yoga passion

This playlist for recent classes is made up mostly of a Sigur Ros recommended band out of the U.K.  Add in some new Tori, and PB&J and you're set for some fun on the mat.  

1. Fanfarlo:  Good Morning Midnight
2. Fanfarlo: Kist of Whistles
3. Fanfarlo:Hands (demo)
4. Fanfarlo: I'm a Pilot
5. Fanfarlo: Ghosts
6. Peter Bjorn and John: It Don't Move Me
7. Fanfarlo: Luna
8.Fanfarlo: Comets
9. Fanfarlo: Fire Escape
10. Fanfarlo: The Walls are Coming Down
11. Tori Amos: Starling
12. Fanfarlo: Drowning Men 
13. Fanfarlo: If it is Growing
14. Fanfarlo: Harold T. Wilkins, Or
15. Tori Amos:  Fire to your Plain
16. Fanfarlo: Finish Line
17. Fanfarlo: Drowning Men (acoustic)
18. Peter Bjorn & John: Stay this Way
19. Tori Amos: Ophelia
20. Peter Bjorn & John: Last Night
21. Fanfarlo: Acoemeti

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