Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last day of June

It's the end of June and here's to hoping the end of rainy season in Boston, too!  My tune into June mantra turned out to be just that.  The Sass Factor (the new gal band I'm in) made its debut bringing some mystic pop to Harvard Sq.  Oh yeah.  ;)  And I got to see some great live music...Arms & Sleepers, Johann Johannsson, the Seamonsters to name a few.  It was the perfect time with all the rain to try to go inward and take in your own rhythm.  Now looking to July and a new mantra!  Bring on the summer...

My latest playlist for this end of summer sassiness consists of:
Zee Avi -- she's a wonderful Jack Johnson find from Malaysia, and a ukelele inspiration for me.  Check out her album for sure.

Slow Club -- they are a group from the U.K.  You've heard one tune in commercials I'm sure.  Their album "Let's Fall Back in Love" is great.  

Fanfarlo -- another U.K. (Sigur Ros recommended) band.  They are so fun!  You can get their album for just $1 online through the weekend.  Google them.  

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Jenny said...

hi jen,
i just read all your many last posts....my june wasn't very tuned in, but am hoping for it in july. the last week was already a good start. i love what you are writing about music. your classes have definitly inspired my playlists. I very much wish i could come to Iceland with your group, but again i have to pass....but i know one day it will work out! and wait, you are singing in a band? when again? would love to listen to you :)
see you soon. xo-jenny