Monday, October 31, 2011

Yin-Halloween Playlist

Last night I taught a public yoga class for the first time since giving birth!  That means over 9 months ago...
And let me tell you, it was so needed.  I felt at home.  I felt that pull of energy that is offered up from my heart every time I step in front of a class.  You all know by now what I've been up to since Isak was born.  How my little family and I have been living out here on Nantucket for 4 months (and counting) until our house is renovated back in Boston.  I haven't had the chance to jump back into teaching yet, so when this opportunity came up to sub for Paul at The Yoga Room, I was all about it.  And I love yin.  It's the season to begin diving back into a more yin mode.
Anyway, 8 wonderful yoga students showed up and we sank into our joints and tissues with compassion and ease, while listening to this new playlist I conjured up for the occasion.
And students back home?  I offered it up to you, too!  Happy Halloween everyone!

1. Altt i Guddi:  Olof Arnalds
2. We Have a Map of the Piano:  Mum
3. Near Light:  Olafur Arnalds
4. Virus:  Bjork
5. Frysta:  Olafur Arnalds
6. Saint Naive:  Jonsi
7. What are we Waiting For?:  Amiina
8. Agust:  Olafur Arnalds
9. Warm:  Arms and Sleepers
10. Cosmogony:  Bjork
11. This Place is a Shelter:  Olafur Arnalds
12. The Beautiful Ones:  The Battle of Land and Sea
13. Icicle Sleeve:  Jonsi
14. Lag Fyrir Ommu:  Olafur Arnalds
15. Thunderbolt:  Bjork
16. New Piano Song:  Jonsi
17. All the Big Trees:  Jonsi & Alex
18. Tomorrow's Song:  Olafur Arnalds
19. Indian Summer:  Jonsi & Alex
20. Moon:  Bjork

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Jenny said...

so happy for you. and thanks for the playlist. i miss your music.
happy halloween dear jenn! and hi to your boys.