Friday, October 7, 2011

Yoga during women's Moon time

Yoga happenings as of late have been scattered as usual in my mommy life.  I've been focusing on reclaiming a strong sirsana (headstand), so I'm at least doing that every day.  Feels great!  When I can't make it to a real class (which I did not this week), I practice at home for sure, and sometimes you just need an extra push my someone else doing the thinking.  There are a variety of podcasts or videos one can choose from.  I love my friend Sarah's!  She is such a skilled teacher and since I miss seeing her and taking her class in person, well, these are the next best thing.  Plus, they are free (though I highly suggest donating if you plan to do them on a regular basis)!  You can find the link at the upper corner of this here blog.  I did a nice 50 min. slow flow the other day that hit the spot.
Today, however, it's my Moon time.  Yes, I mean menstrual flow.  All of us women get it, no shame in bringing it up here!  And yes, I am one of the 10% or so of breastfeeding mothers who actually get theirs regularly (and have been since month 2 pp).  Glad to know, right? ')  Anyway, no headstands for me today.  The full moon is approaching in a few days and it's time for me to honor rest in my body.  As Isak naps, I just did a long stint in child's pose, some down dog, some hanging forward fold.  Add on a couple of very slow vinyasas then holding some forward folds, such as janu sirsana, parsvotanasana, and paschimottanasana.  Ending with gentle legs up the couch (onto pillows)!
Sarah's podcasts inspire me to make one someday (hopefully in the year to come) for exactly this--a woman's moon time.  It's left out of classes much too often and women should feel encouraged to take it however they choose.
Here's to healthy menstrual flows!

Now off to a delightful autumn island weekend:  time spent with Isak's grandparents, cranberry festival, farmers market, Yogawoman viewing with Nantucket yoginis, my 1st wedding anniversary with my love (and hopefully date night out!), and gratitude.

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