Thursday, February 21, 2013

Loving the End of Winter!

End of February.  It's a time us New Englanders start getting a little grumpy.  We're ready to see the sun and feel it on our skin for more than an hour in the day.  We're ready for leaves on the trees, colors in the plants, and an overall lighter feeling.  I admit that I feel all of this too.  

Well, I'm here to tell ya today to wait for all that and LOVE where we are at right now.  The end of winter!  Just a few more weeks or so to cherish this time of hibernation, nesting, restoring, writing, savoring, cozying.  It really does make the arrival of spring much sweeter if we accept and look for the bright side of winter in all its glory.  So, another dose of snow this coming weekend or are my top reasons to still love winter:

Our front door during Blizzard Nemo.  
--blasts of cold, fresh, rejuvenating air feels so good.  Especially after getting out of a yoga class.  I recommend, post-class somewhere to take a walk to your car or walk home if you can!  You'll feel much better when you get inside to the warmth, and having exercised as well.

--warm soups and beverages.  I love, love making soup.  If all goes well, I will make 3-4 soups a week.  Such an awesome way to combine tons of nutrients into one meal and they are often so pretty to look at too.  And, I'm a hot coffee/tea kind of gal.  I miss the hot beverages come summertime.  Just not that into iced drinks... So I will savor a couple more months of hot herbal teas and foamy cappuccinos.

Squash soup

--winter fashion.  Okay, yes, there is something to be said for not having to think about layering and just getting to throw on light clothing in warmer months.  But I absolutely love the creativity that fall/winter dressing entails!  Leggings, cozy sweaters, shirts under dresses and skirts over jeans or tights, and boots!  Boots and scarves are the best.
In my colorful wool!  

--honing your home yoga practice.  Yep, it's much easier to stay inside and practice in your home during these months.  Who wants to trek out in our snow and slush on super cold days if you don't have to?  (Oh, that's me, the homebody Cancerian over here.)  No, but really, whether you have a separate room to practice in your home or it's in your living room, take some time to be in your own stillness and space.  Learning how to motivate and boost your willpower without the help of someone else builds confidence and helps you shift or notice patterns.  If you need some guidance, I highly recommend Yogaglo!    
Legwarmers over cozy leggings-home practice time

My 3rd floor home private yoga studio room.  

--nature.  The quiet and color of this season are special.  There are less people out and about, less animals, and no leaves on the trees.  The sunsets or any spark of color against the gray/white/brown/black of the season hold magic if we pause to take it in.

Snowy buddha= love the present moment

--snuggly/cozy time.  It's the only time of year when it's acceptable to never leave the house in a day.  Whether snug in your favorite wool blanket or sweater to write/read/watch a film, or cozying up to your partner, child, or animal-- snuggling is the best!  ;)

One of our cats, all snuggled up

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