Friday, February 1, 2013

V-DAY Special Class-Thursday, 2/14 at 9:30am!

Ah, Valentine's Day is coming!  Whether you love it or hate it, there is something about a day geared towards love.  I used to be super cynical about it, as I was never one to receive or buy into all the candy hearts and roses.  However, I've always appreciated the thoughtfulness and femininity of my best girlfriends, mom, sisters, and grandma sending cards and chocolate from time to time.  Then my grandmother died on this day years ago and I turned it into being a day of remembrance and love in her memory.  A few years later, my husband and I started dating on this day (now 4 years ago).  So, you see, I no longer equate it as a commercialized day of blah.  There's something lovely about recognizing love in all of its forms and toward all people and animals that you feel it.  It's about changing your perspective, and yoga helps a ton.  I promise.  ;)  

It also happens to be V-DAY, Eve Ensler's amazing global movement to end violence against women and girls.  I've been a follower of this movement for awhile now and have seen Eve's work, "The Vagina Monologues."  But now more than ever, I feel compelled to be a part of the movement.  After seeing the documentary, Half the Sky, and reading the important book of the same's outrageous to just sit back and not be a part of it.
I've never personally been a victim of abuse or violence, but I react so emotionally and passionately to it that I often feel I must have been in a past life.  Or maybe I'm able to energetically and intuitively *feel* what so many women who are (or were) victims of such a thing feel...  Either way, it doesn't matter.  I am certain, so certain, that ending this still staggering amount of violence against women in our (modern?) world will bring forth an abundance of peace and love that we're all craving.  Men and women alike must come together and we, in the U.S. must begin to act!  We are the game changers of this cause around the world.  

Here's what Eve has to say about her cause:
"When we started V-Day 14 years ago, we had the outrageous idea that we could end violence against women. Since then, hundreds of thousands of V-Day activists in audiences and on stages in over 140 countries have come together to demand an end to violence against women and girls. The funds we've raised together have kept organizations’ doors open, and the issue front and center in local media.

But still today, the United Nations states that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime that's more than one billion women and girls alive today.  This is not a women's issue, it's a global issue.  Ending violence against women is as important as ending poverty, or Aids, or global warming.

V-Day wants the world to see our collective strength, showing them exactly what one billion looks like.

ONE BILLION RISING is a promise that on February 14th, 2013, we will ensure that millions of women and men rise up around the world to say, "ENOUGH. The violence ends NOW." "

This is why, Thursday, 2/14/13, as a part of One Billion Rising, I will be teaching a 90 minute flowing yoga practice to enhance confidence and strength towards all women everywhere. We will send out compassion to all of the women and girls suffering from violence in every single day...and forgiveness, truth, and love to those who think it's still okay. 

The class will have an upbeat, love-centered playlist and theme on this general day to celebrate LOVE! But it will all be for a great cause to build the awareness and truth needed. 
Thursday, February 14th, 2013- Valentine's Day/V-DAY Special Class
Bow Street Yoga - Union Square Somerville

The practice is open to all levels of yoga. 
Consider taking time off of work this day to join me and rise up! On a day of Love to spread a little more of it! ♥ ♥

$15 a person, and all money made from the class will be donated to New Light of India and V-DAY. 

Hope to see you there!! And if you don't live in Boston, look up an event in your area.  xoxo

**And here's a recent column by Nicholas Kristof that highlights a lot of my passion for this topic and its importance:

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