Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mexico Yoga Vacation with Me & Checka! Plus, Our March Workshops

Hello friends!   This coming Memorial Day weekend into that week (last week of May), my dear friend Checka and I are co-leading a Yoga Vacation to Xinalani Eco-Resort in Mexico!  We just started putting up these flyers around the Boston area to get the word out, and are beyond excited to share our combined energies and yoga styles for a week of rejuvenation, peaceful natural surroundings, and fun.  

If you're one who has never been on a yoga vacation ("retreat") before, don't be scared off by the title.  We won't be asking you about your feelings every morning and night or pushing you to do one-armed balancing acts.  However, if those things come up for you, then we'll be there to take it on.  Checka and I have both led week-long yoga getaways and we are both certain that they always lead to tons of fun and adventure, but also usually to some sort of growth and/or release for all involved.  I mean, for me, I taught in the Caribbean and came home to meet my future husband about a week later.  And then I led a group in Iceland and came home to discover I was pregnant!  Haha.  
No, but truly..the reasons are simple.  Fantastic yoga that gets you to unravel any stress in your life and open your heart/spirit, will lead you to some epiphanies.  And combine that with being out of your usual setting and routines, and replace it with a beautiful natural setting that nourishes and calms your being.  It's a win-win!  

This trip is going to be super cool because the adventure will be what you make it.  The previous yoga vacations I just mentioned all had some level of adventure added in (organized hikes or sightseeing), which is something cool in itself.  But here in Mexico, we will simply be at Xinalani.  Just a week of beach time, yoga, good food, warm breezes, naps in a hammock, nature trails...your own time.  
And Mexico, I love, love it!  I grew up a large chunk of my life in Texas, and then went to college in San Diego.  I've always been drawn to places with fantastic Mexican culture (and food!).  My trip to Mexico City in my early twenties remains as one of my favorite trips and places to this date.  So, bring on Puerto Vallarta and a new experience of this vibrant nation, with a good friend/co-leader and some good people in tow!  

At this moment, roundtrip airfare from Boston-Puerto Vallarta are averaging from $670-680.  Not too bad!  
And price breakdown for your weekly stay (including the yoga, meals, and accommodations) are as follows:
$1224 for the Big Palapa room (8 single beds in one room)
$1481 for the Petite suite double room (share with 1 other person)
$2242 for the Petite suite single room
$1665 for the Eco-Chic double room (share with 1 other person)
$2793 for the Eco-Chic single room

--This means if you act soon, you can book a week-long stay in paradise during a holiday weekend-week for less than $2000.  Oh yeah.  ;)

**If this retreat sounds like something you're interested in, but you'd like to check us out in person...you can come to one of our Boston-area workshops of the same title "Unwind & Uplift" coming up soon in March!  The first one is this coming Saturday, March 2nd, at Karma Yoga Studio in Cambridge from 1:30-4:00.  You can read more about it on the Karma site, Facebook, or here.  Expect some Yin, Vinyasa, and Restorative love all rolled into one.  ;)
And if you can't make it this Saturday, we're leading it again on Sunday, March 24th at The Healing Tree in Quincy, MA.  

--Of course we want YOU to come with US at the end of May, but if that just isn't going to work in your schedule or whatnot, and you're dying for a yoga getaway... check out some of these other Spring/Summer Yoga trips with some super awesome people from the Boston yoga community:

-Sarah Kearns in New Hampshire-March
-Ame Wren and Joanne Flaherty in Mexico (same resort Checka and I are going to!)-March
-Chandra Cantor in Vermont-April
-Karma Longtin and Erica Nunnally in Costa Rica-April
-Tiffany O'Connell and Kate Graham in Vermont-May
-Sarah Baumert in White Mountains, NH-May
-Chanel Luck in Peru-May

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