Sunday, May 5, 2013


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I grew up in Texas and went to college in San I'm used to being around cinco de mayo celebrations!  Back to my northern roots for 9 years or so now, we have to search a little harder to find some authentic Mexican love up here.  ;)  Today I head to teach my 2 Sunday morning classes with the waning Moon in Pisces (we'll do a nice balance of both standing poses and laying on the back-deep stretch).  And then it'll be garden party Mexican-style with friends popping through to both take a peek at my love's art and share in some snacks and good cheer!  

Sometimes I feel like such a lucky gal.  But one thing I've learned is that you CAN dream it.  You CAN manifest what you want.  I'm still working on it every day, but this gal is grateful and happy and ready to continue spreading that around.


I got this new sun hat and blue sunglasses to prep for my Mexican Yoga Retreat in the sun!  That's right, it's coming up so SOON.  MAY 25th- JUNE 1st you can UNWIND and UPLIFT with me at the private eco-resort Xinalani near Puerto Vallarta.  
There is a Petite Suite Room still up for grabs ($1481 for the week) or some single beds in the Big Palapa room ($1224 for the week--can't be beat!).  Airfare right now is still pretty doable (from the east coast, around $6-700 round trip). 

What can you expect?
Open-air bedrooms, hammocks, private beaches, meditation nature trails, spa treatments, delicious food (hello fresh guacamole!), bird sightings, and lots of nourishing yoga and discussion with me.  ;)

This strong and beautiful Clematis flower/vine in our garden is on the verge of expanding her reach, and growing to her full magical, amazing potential.  It reminds me of the strength, beauty, and magic in all beings and how we simply have to soak up the moon, be patient with ourselves, and love the journey. 

If you feel called to explore this in yourself, perhaps you'll join me in a few weeks?  Yoga vacations are one of THE perfect places to discover what you might truly be on the brink of, or the love that you hold so very true and deep.  Think about it...and hope to see some of you soon!

Salud! Viva la Mexico!


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