Friday, February 20, 2009

All we have is Now

All everyone talks about in February is how much they can't wait for March to arrive and winter to end.  I suppose I can be guilty of it too.  Why are we always in a rush for what's to come?  Why can't we just chill out and be happy for the moment in time that's called February!  I'm still reveling in the beauty that was last weekend and valentine's love, when my friends and I gathered for a night of creative performances and cheer.  A whirlwind of a week has gone by and I see through my practice this week and through teaching that I can be so happy by living in the moment.  Just taking in each day, believing in each moment, and letting time slow down. Letting time stand still.  I've had more than a few moments like that this week.  And for them I am grateful.  Lao Tzu said, "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."  
We can taste spring.  It's around the corner.  After getting back from Dominica, I've been full of joy and never thought I'd say this...but I don't think I'm quite ready to get rid of winter just yet.  Yeah.  I am liking the invigorating winds at the moment.  The final month of my Irish wool scarf and Icelandic shawl.  And one more winter moon cycle to encounter.  And I'm diggin' the new India.Arie record, "Testimony Vol. 2: Love & Politics."  And M. Ward's, "Hold Time."  Check Them Out.  I'll be setting our asanas to them soon, soon.  Oh yeah.  

Feeling light within...I walk.  To teach in Union Sq. tonight at the Shobu Aikido dojo.  (Mondays and Fridays at 6:30pm ;) ) Maybe 1 person will show up, maybe 10.  Trying not to rush the process of the way things are meant to occur can be tricky.  Either way, I walk into the now.  Because at the moment it's all I have.  

"Don't let your unkind mind tell you that you are supposed to be better than you are." 
--Stephen Levine
*That's for you, Leigh!  


Anonymous said...

Going to go pick up my cards so I can draw one for the upcoming new moon. Has it already been nearly a month since we met? Time goes by so fast in the now.

Leigh said...

Thank you, Jenn! Your inspiring words also help to slow down the rush to get past things that may seem unpleasant at the moment(for example, the bitter-cold winds!), but are a part of life.

Have you read The Pilgrimage, by Paulo Coelho?