Monday, February 9, 2009

Irie Playlist and Full Moon goodness

Spreading the good vibes, I've discovered some new reggae (and old) to bring the joy into our practices this week and beyond:
1. Nasio Fontaine:  Reggae Music   (he's a Dominican artist)
2. Eloquent: Take it with a Smile
3. Bob Marley: Three Little Birds
4. Nasio Fontaine: She Lost Track
5. Etana: I am not Afraid
6. Bob Marley: I Know a Place
7. Anthony B: Striving
8. Nasio Fontaine: Rough Road
9. Teflon: We're Gonna Make it
10. Nasio Fontaine: Jah Calling
11. Spanner Banner: Angels Around Me
12. Nasio Fontaine: When
13. Fantan Mojah: Most High Jah
14. Nasio Fontaine: Behold
15-16. instrumental songs by The Album Leaf for savasana :)
So today is the Aquarius Full Moon in Leo.  It calls for us to find the joy in our own individual creative abilities, wherever your form of expression may lie.  And then joining that with the rising of humanity that cares for us all.  Bringing us all together simply by honoring your own creativity and cultivating it.  I believe that every person has something creative to share.  Sometimes people are just afraid or closing themselves off to what it might be or what it might open up for them.  Meditate for a moment with the moon tonight to catch a glimpse of what might be calling you.  The moon's energy is universal and can be seen all over the world.  I spent the new moon in aquarius in the Dominican rainforest and it was the most beautiful crescent moon I've ever witnessed.  The stars there seem to sing themselves brighter and brighter in order to get you to notice them.  Magical skies and tropical air can really do something to open up ones passion for life and creativity again!  
So, even if our winter skies here hide the stars, the moon will always be here and will shine bright around the world.  Take some reggae music, yoga, and energy from each other to find your place of spark in your life.  

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