Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time & Space Playlist

Playlist of the week:
Compiled mostly of and inspired by M. Ward's newest album, "Hold Time."  And also by this week of feeling an interconnectedness to the earth, other people, and just being happy in this time and space.  

1. Explosions in the Sky:  So Long, Lonesome
2. India.Arie:  A Beautiful Day
3. M. Ward:  For Beginners
4. M. Ward:  One Hundred Million Years
5. M. Ward:  Never Had Nobody Like You
6. Calexico:  Bisbee Blue
7. M. Ward:  Jailbird
8. M. Ward:  Stars of Leo
9. Zap Mama:  Cache-Cache
10. M. Ward:  Rave On
11. M. Ward:  Epistemology
12. M. Ward:  Fisher of Men
13. M. Ward:  To Save Me
14. Zap Mama:  Miss Q'in
15. M. Ward:  Hold Time
16. India. Arie:  Pearls
17. Zap Mama:  Vivre
18. M. Ward:  Outro (I'm a Fool to Want You)
19. Under Byen
20. Under Byen  
21. Sigur Ros:  Med Blonasir
22. Sigur Ros:  Se Lest

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