Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Love for Ya

New mix...kinda random, but it's fun and it's my valentine love to you for class this weekend.  :)

1. Arms & Sleepers:  Lausanne     *They are playing PA's Lounge in Somerville Valentine's night
2. Hot Chip:  So Glad to See You
3. Stars:  Heart
4. Leona Naess:  Calling
5. Bruno Merz:  Beautiful Always
6. Aberfeldy:  Love is an Arrow
7. Jenny Lewis:  Trying my Best to Love You
8. Brandi Carlile:  Closer to You
9. Avi & Celia:  Ivory Bones     *They're playing Toad in Cambridge Valentine's night
10. Calexico:  Yours & Mine
11. Natural Black:  Love You
12. M.I.A.:  Sunshowers
13. Ginjah:  Never Lost My Way
14. Norah Jones remix:  Life is Better
15. Ray LaMontagne:  Winter Birds
16. Rufus Wainwright:  Pretty Things
17. Teitur:  One and Only
18. Bat for Lashes:  I'm on Fire
19. Olafur Arnalds:  0952
20. Olafur Arnalds:  1440

Yes, Valentine's Day has become a commercial, cynical "holiday."  But ya know what?  Who cares!  We take for granted times in life to outwardly show our love for people that we love.  So why not set aside at least one day during the year where it's okay to express that love for your significant other, your best friends, your mom, your dog...whoever.  A little more love in the world has never hurt anyone.  It only helps bring more peace and good vibes.  
This year it marks the 5th year anniversary of my grandma's death.  And since she passed, it will now always be an even more special day for me.  A day to mark her loving spirit.  She has influenced me in many ways to be the adventurous, creative gal that I am.  So, cheers to sharing love this weekend in all sorts of ways.  :)


Anonymous said...

I want to come to your class. Yoga vibes!

stacy said...

love you, girl.