Friday, November 21, 2008

Bring on the Cold

This week I've been playing a mix that has some chill reggae that a friend of mine gave me.  Unfortunately at the moment I am not sure of the artist, but I'll try to find out.  However, lots of you have been asking about the end songs on the playlist.  The Bjork songs are from her album "Telegram" and then the last songs are Sigur Ros.  I have one remix on there that is them with Mobb Deep, "Shook/Emancipator."  The last songs are "Staralfur" and "Olsen Olsen."  They are 2 faves of mine and great for savasana.  They are from the album "Agaetis Byrjun."  ;)

On another note, it's cold out, yes.  But at least it's been sunny.  And there's lots to stay positive about.  The last week has been full of learning and growth.  Nazarene and I had our first couchsurfing experience.  We hosted 2 Germans (shout out to Haensi and Rafa!) who taught us a lot about their culture, but also how to stay open-minded to new experiences and light-hearted fun.  Now we're inspired to travel the world like they are.  
The cold weather has made me more inclined to walk, rather than hop on my trusty Miss Rita.  This makes for more time management, but also a reminder to take in the beauty of our city and the ability to slow...things....down.  
I've been fortunate lately to take yoga classes last week and this week from my peers and friends at Karma: Jesse, Elizabeth, and Erica.  Keep on learning, keep on growing.  We're all here for that one way or another.  And now another weekend begins.  Get out and breathe it in!  New updates  on life and inspirations are waiting.  One of my biggest inspirations is my beautiful and awesome Mom.  Happy Birthday today, Mom!  

"Love is manifest where there is an able vessel."  --Bhakti Narada Sutras

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