Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Old playlist that's New again

"When the movement in the direction of becoming something other than what you are isn't there anymore, you are not in conflict with yourself."  --U.G. Krishnamurti

1. Amiina:  Seoul
2. The Album Leaf:  Enchanted Hill
3. The Ditty Bops:  Wake Up
4. Feist:  Secret Heart
5. Ryan Adams:  My Winding Wheel
6. Jem:  Finally Woken
7. Stars:  Today Will be Better I Swear
8. Madredeus:
9. Stars:  Midnight Coward
10. Ryan Adams:  Come Pick Me Up
11. Tori Amos:  Sleeps with Butterflies
12. Feist:  Intuition
13. Under Byen:  Tindrer
14. M Ward:  Psalm
15. Sigur Ros:  Gong

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