Monday, November 3, 2008

Time for us all to be Hopeful

It's been a really fun past few days heading into the big election day tomorrow.  All the anxiety, stress, and conflicting opinions all come to a close after tomorrow (hopefully), and I am so ready.  Either way, there will be change and it's time for everyone to be hopeful of the future, even if hope is all you have.

So, Halloween was on Friday.  It turned out to be a beautiful autumn weekend.  Leaves danced in the air, light-hearted spirit was all around, and candy/fun was shared.  In class on Friday, I wore elf ears and we all had a good time laughing during class, and then eating dark chocolates.  :)  It's important to me to have a child-like spirit at times.  Halloween is always one of those times of the year.  Saturday morning I felt strength from everyone as we vinyasa-ed our way into the weekend.  I played the entire Sigur Ros "Takk" album during classes Fri/Sat.  It's a magical one, so it felt suiting...with my elf ears and all.  And heading out of class into the autumn-fest weekend, hope seemed to be springing up on every street.  
Saturday/Sunday brought good music to my ears, harvesting/nourishing foods to my belly, and wonderful company to my heart.  All sense of time and place seemed to disappear as the days suddenly turned shorter and darker.  I felt so lucky to be in the moment; full of connection, beauty, passion, and spirit.  And last night the crescent moon in Capricorn shone down on us all with a golden, soft-focused hue.  How can you not look up at it and smile back?  
I ended the weekend watching a must-see film, as recommended by a friend.  "Reign Over Me," starring Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle.  I think it came out a couple years ago now, but it's seriously on my top list now.  Such a moving film that takes you through contemplation, sadness and loss, child-like wonder, memories, self-discovery and strength, and most of all...hope.  I cried, cried (in a good way).  Adam Sandler is amazing in it, as you feel for his character as he fights post-traumatic stress after losing his family in 9/11.  Each character is relatable in some way.  And I was thankful in the end that it took me through all of those emotions, and even allowed me to release some of my own.  

With that, I woke this morning to a grey, cold day and managed to use the hope and warmth from the weekend to float into my week in joy.  And tonight I begin teaching restorative vinyasa classes in my 'hood of Union Sq. in Somerville.  I'm looking forward to a new challenge with hope to reach more people with all levels of yoga experience.  It's at Shobu Aikido, 34 Allen St. (near Target), 6:00pm in case anyone cares to join.  
And tomorrow we all can hope for peace in the result of the presidential election.  For change.  For love.  For more hope.  
I'll be at Karma Yoga Studio from 7-8:30pm as usual...anyone care to join me for meditative hope?  ;)  I realize I might be all by my lonesome as everyone watches the results go down, but I'll do my best to spread positive energy into the nation's heart.  

Song for hope:  John Legend's "If You're Out There" from his new album, Evolver

More playlists and news and thoughts to come...

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