Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Come to the Caribbean with me this winter!

So, there is about one more month for people to register to join me on my upcoming winter yoga retreat!  I am so excited and grateful to have this amazing opportunity to travel to the gorgeous and peaceful island of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic), and lead a rejuvenating yoga experience.  Check out the link to the Tropical Escapes website.  The owner, Trish, is an awesome woman who has helped me put this trip together.  A yogini herself, she will be with us on Dominica a bit to take us on some excursions.  
We'll stay in a beautiful mountaintop lodge where there is an all natural hot spring, hammock, greenhouse that's growing the organic food we'll eat, and full-on relaxation/comfort.  I will lead yoga in the morning and at sunset.  We'll go swim in the sea.  We'll hike in the rainforest.  We'll experience the local culture.  We'll sit and listen to the wind.  And we'll just chill and be friends.  
On top of it all, my best friend Nazarene, is accompanying me as my assistant on this trip!  She is a reiki practitioner and botanist/herbalist.  She did part of her undergrad plant studies on Dominica and will give us the lowdown on the local flora and fauna.  Plus she'll give personal reiki attunements and talk of holistic living.  
So, check out the link and the website for all the information on me, Nazarene, and this trip that we so yearn to bring you.  I would love, love to see friends old and new join me for this adventure.  

p.s. If you have any questions about flight info, etc. then feel free to e-mail me:  jpyogini@gmail.com 

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Mylo und Yonas said...

oh, it sounds so delicious. i wish i could come. :)