Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I found myself coming home tonight to a discussion with my roommate about love.  "Is there something wrong with me?  How can I have gone through life this far without having fallen in love?" she says.  Her dilemma, which I suppose must be all of ours at some point in life or another, comes at a time when questioning and change is on many a minds.  (Plus, the new moon occurred in scorpio yesterday, asking us to transform, hmmm....)  
She is coming off of about 5 days spent with someone from far away, with whom she connected intensely.  And then had discussions with previous love interests in the past day or two.  And continues to question the difficulty that lovely gals like us have in order to actually fall in love.  Many a connections have been had, sure.  But, love?  True, beautiful, romantic, deep, love?  Not so much.  What to do about this?  Not fret, my friend.  

So, I sat across the table from her exhausted after a day of teaching 4 classes, and I am no sage I tell you, but here's what my usually always optimistic self came up with:  

People have different paths in life.  Some people yearn for love too much (or think they know it but don't know what they need) and end up being stuck in something not great for them.  Some people find their life partner at a very young age and build on their love each year they are alive.  Some people are meant to have various loves and soul connectors throughout their life to guide them.  Some people have such tumultuous love that it's more of a curse.  
We, are young women who have been forging paths for other women.  How can we be heading into our late 20's and never been in love...when even our young sisters claim to be in love?  Well, their path is much, much different.  Ours is and has always been a path to seek higher ground.  This is not such a bad thing.  We have been independent, creative, reflective, soul-searching, and journey-seeking since our adolescent years.  Our path to find romantic love is not going to be easy.  Especially not in our society.  Gals like us have high standards and we're not gonna waste time (so we've learned) with those that aren't going to allow, respect, and love this path that we're on.  But even beyond that the words keep spilling out of my mouth to her and I realize something...
She and I have been and always will be so full of love that of course we've been in love.  Not romantic love yet, maybe.  But that could be why!  We have such love for the people in our life, for our families, our passions, the higher spirit power all around us, for all of life; and this abundance and wealth that we store up each and every day inside just keeps nourishing us on our path.  Maybe because of this, and having the unconscious knowledge of it, makes it hard to discover that that person could be and is there somewhere.  And maybe it's hard for that person to recognize it in us because we are already so full of love?  
I don't know.  I think now I'm just getting loopy.  Basically, I still believe in love.  And maybe haven't found the romantic version quite just yet.  But, it's really on the verge.  Every day we put ourselves out there and it's a possibility.  If I can feel love so immensely all around me from the yoga mat & beyond, from the wind, from musical notes to my ears, then I know it is there.  And lately I find myself smiling just because of...well, you never know.  And we just have to be ready for it.  So, cheers to you, Ms. NZ and our quest for it.   

Song about love for the night:
Frou Frou:  "It's Good to Be in Love"
"It's good to be in love...  I'm happier in love.  Because every color goes where you do."  

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Mylo und Yonas said...

hey jen,
funny that you posted about love today, i just bought a magazine featuring love (no, not glamour magazine, but shambala sun:) i was probably more after love and long long long relationships, but still i find it puzzling that it was on the same day.... there's definitivley some interesting connection.....having said that, when shall we go for tea???
btw, loved the article you gave me.
happy halloween.