Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Earth Spirit, and needing patience

"See how nature- trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence.  See the stars, the moon, and the sun, how they move in silence...we need silence to be able to touch souls."  -Mother Teresa

I just watched the movie "The New World" last night.  It's directed by Terrence Malick, and was out a couple years back.  A good one to watch at this season.  It was beautiful.  The "story" of Pocahontas and John Smith.  Been wanting to watch it b/c I'm having a "moment" with my connections to Native American spirit.  I've always connected to the earth and have referenced the higher Divine as Mother for years now.  Last weekend, a friend of a friend who is an energy reader did a reading for me through all my chakras.  She saw a Native American Indian woman cultivating and loving the earth.  She kept seeing me with greens, conducting the sway of the flowers in a meadow, at a flowing well and riverside.  She saw me as someone with flowing energy.  A strong feminine energy of lightness and healing.  This was insight I know I already knew b/c I wouldn't otherwise be on the path that I'm on.  However it was a positive reminder to keep striving for that silence.  That stillness from the Mother that rejuvenates me so.  
And beyond that, my friends and I have been discussing our animal totems this week.  One of my friends has realized she has been strangely drawn to the octopus lately.  Another has discovered he is a passionate, powerful tiger.  My totems are the deer and the hawk...another connection to the spirit of native tribes.  Not sure what I'm getting at here, other than my need to continue to be nourished by nature and see what's in store for me next.  

On another note, I spoke in class today about being patient.  Something we can all use help with from time to time.  Also, being mindful about what you spend time dwelling on and thinking about.  Your thoughts are powerful and they can become use them wisely.  
I can get uber anxious just like everyone else.  Especially after been given news of something suprising and possibly that one is not ready to hear from someone (a sibling) they care so much about.  With something like that it can be hard to not think of it all the time.  It can be hard to look at the positive and remain true to simply love.  That's when turning to the yoga mat can be the strongest healing one can give yourself.  And I must say that seeing so much love around me from all my students and friends, can be the largest eye-opener to realizing that love you didn't think you had, is still in there.  I continue to bring intentions for love in all shapes and forms into my life daily.  And my hope for staying positive to it is what carries me through.  Add in some music and fun, and all will always be okay.  :>

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Mylo und Yonas said...

Hi Jenn,
just wanted to wish you a great workshop this sunday. we are heading up to vermont, so unfortunately i'll miss it. but i love your idea of journaling after yoga. have been doing a bit at home. interesting stuff :)
ps: i need more patience, too