Friday, October 10, 2008

Latest Yoga Class Playlists

Autumn Equinox '08:
1.David Newman- Bajarang Bali       
2. Leona Naess- Shiny on the Inside
3. Sigur Ros- Saeglopur
4. Leona Naess- Un-Named
5. Sigur Ros- Hljmomalind
6. Leona Naess- Learning As We Go
7. Andrew Hoover- Never Have I Ever
8. Sigur Ros- Agaetis Byrjun
9. Leona Naess- When Sharks Attack
10. Sigur Ros- Vidrar vel til loftarasa
11. Sigur Ros- Heysatan
12. David Newman- Shiva Bolo
13. David Newman- Shiva Om

*I've gotten to see each artist on the equinox mix perform within the last 3 weeks or so, which has been such a joy and inspiration to me.  I am grateful.  
David Newman performed at Global Mala Boston and it was beauty and peace radiating through each person that night.  
Sigur Ros played the BofA Pavilion on a really chilly night to an obnoxious Boston crowd, but they are beyond words my favorite band ever and the most powerful/emotional.  Nostalgia of Iceland swarmed all around in my body...
Andrew Hoover played a little bar in Watertown and he is on the verge.  Definitely watch him within the next year.  He's got soul beyond his years.  
Leona Naess opened for Ray LaMontagne at the Opera House.  Her music has gotten me through many years now and she is all I'd want to be if I were a singer/songwriter.  

October skies:
1. Isan- Ship
2. Sigur Ros- Med sudi eyrum
3. James Morrison- Fix the World up for You
4. Andrew Hoover- Get to Love You
5. Bran Van 3000- Everywhere
6. Frightened Rabbit- Head Rolls Off
7. Bliss- Wish U Were Here
8. Frightened Rabbit- Backwards Walk
9. James Morrison- Love is Hard
10. Leona Naess- Swing Gently
11. David Newman- Bhadra Kali/No Stranger
12. Arms & Sleepers- A Mission to Prague
13. Maneesh De Moor- Pure Essence 

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