Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aries Full Moon Today

It's a new week after a beautiful New England long weekend...and there's much to be looking forward to.  
With all the challenges lately of staying positive amidst the state of our country's financial institutions, corporations, politics, culture...you may wonder what there is to look forward to?  Well, that's when I turn to what's around us already.  This lovely place we live in.  Wherever that may be that you read this from, we are all here on this earth.  We can't change that.  We are lucky to be alive and able to breathe in the moon's wisdom.  So today's Autumn "blood" moon takes us out of our selfish "me-first" nature, and into an awareness of how our lives and culture become out of balance.  Today we can take responsibility for looking deeper into ourselves and reminding one another of our interconnectedness.  We can become a part of a more loving world just by realizing more often that we're not alone.  Time to continue to strive for balance and fight the negative reactions in favor of more positive ones.  
And beyond that, I mean, the new Ray LaMontagne record came out today!  That is reason enough to make me happy.  After a weekend of friend's b-days, dinner parties, sunshine, and yoga, there's a new week led by a strong moon to proceed forth in the adventure.  Keep invoking your strength from wherever you get it.  I continue to count on Saraswati and the green Tara.  And finding stillness.  Sitting for just a couple minutes in our crazy world, to notice the wind or be in complete silence might just bring that dose of serenity, or spark of creativity one needs for the week.  
Karma yogis...look out for moon salutations and the like tonight!

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