Sunday, October 26, 2008

Awakening Autumn Playlist

You might notice a lot of the same artists continuously appearing on my playlists...I just like them and these songs have inspiring and/or fun messages.  Created this one for my "awakening" workshop this past weekend, which was very special and fun.  

1. Arms & Sleepers-- Seems (If Ever)
2. Sigur Ros- Godan daginn
3. India.Arie- I See God in You
4. Andrew Hoover- Getting Out of Boxes
5. Stevie Wonder- Have a Talk with God
6. Ray LaMontagne- I Still Care for You
7. Jesse Dee- Still Here
8. Kate Nash- Pumpkin Soup
9. Amos Lee- Colors
10. India. Arie- Ready for Love
11. Ray LaMontagne- Words (without)
12. David Newman- Sita Ram
13. Sigur Ros- Takk
14. Sigur Ros- Glosoli
15. Arms & Sleepers- Butterflycatcher
16. Arms & Sleepers- 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance

1 comment:

Mylo und Yonas said...

hi jen,
thanks for all your posts and for "putting yourself out there". I can relate to a lot of things....this impermanance thing is a challenging concept. Took an existential psychology class last year and my teacher came up with the following mix of quotes (nietzsche, heidegger and he himself i think). "become who you already are and change daily". I think of that quote a lot and love it.
sad i missed your class today. car trouble, the daily life stuff...hope to see you on wednesday.
p.s. hope it is allright if i recommend your blog to a fellow yogini.