Friday, October 24, 2008

Importance of Impermanence

It's been almost the perfect kind of day (completely perfect would have included a smoogle).  Perfect autumn temperature where you need to be wearing sleeves and a scarf but the sun makes it comfortable.  Classes this morning/early afternoon rejuvenated my spirit.  The past couple days of teaching have been emotional for me.  I seem to be feeling what everyone else is feeling...taking it on or away from whoever walks into class.  And sensing an overwhelming feeling of vulnerability to it.  Knowing that change is all around.  Every day is change.  We can either go with it or continue to be afraid and closed off to it.  This afternoon I chose to read a passage about impermanence.  It just kind of presented itself to the day.  Offering up the intentions that we can rise from the changes we feel in our minds, bodies, spirit and allow those changes to humble our hearts and understand the idea that all things are impermanent.  Then we can stop going after what we "think" will be the perfect thing/answer for us.  I see myself change constantly.  Usually in subtle reading new things, listening to new things, and staying open to love.  If I were permanently in the same frame of thought, imagine how boring I'd be?  
This week, I've been challenged with impatience having to keep a secret that a family member chose to spring on me.  I've been running on a thousand springs of ideas...choreography for a play, new yoga classes in Union Sq. (coming in a couple weeks), jewelry ideas, music...the list goes on.  My gals at Topaz have brought fun to the week and much-needed insight (reminding me that things change).  I've eaten home-cooked Danish food, northern African food with friends, heard moving new music (check out Qwill at Toad this Tuesday), and mostly been motivated and inspired by a new friend of mine who continues to strive for life's purpose based on the belief, magic, power, and strength of simply "wonder."   
And now that the weekend invites more opportunities for being open to change, I see the way life synchronizes as a constant cycle of change.  It happens all the time.  Reading a passage that someone in class has a strong connection to that day, thinking of someone and then running into them, contacting someone at the same time they contact's the power of thoughts.  The trick is learning how to use them.  
Tomorrow is "Awakening Autumn" workshop at Karma and I can't wait!    

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