Saturday, October 18, 2008

August Mix '08

I made this playlist a couple months back, but played it this morning in class and lots of you all were into it, so here it is:

1. Arms & Sleepers- Arms/Sleepers                                    -ambient electronica, etc., local guys
2. worriedaboutsatan- The Butterfly Effect                       -more electronic interesting stuff, U.K
3. Arms & Sleepers- Beneath Bricks & Books
4. Amos Lee- Listen                                                              -you should definitely look up this guy
5. Natalie Walker- Now or Never                                       -beautiful voice, based in Philly
6. Leona Lewis- Bleeding Love                                           -U.K. hit from summer, can't not love it
7. John Mayer- Slow Dancing in a Burning Room       -emotional and random for this, but love it
8. Natalie Walker- Lost My Shadow
9. Andrew Hoover- Someday We Can All Be Free       -good lyrics in mind as we near elections
10. Amos Lee- What's Been Going On
11. Jamie Lidell- Green Light                                             -soulful, crazy, U.K./Berlin-based talent
12. Amos Lee- Ease Back                                                   -Amos is from Philly
13.       "      "  - Better Days                                                 -He's soul, roots, blues, and amazing
14. Natalie Walker- With You
15. Tim Fite- Big Mistake                                               -craziness from brooklyn, wacky but love it
16. worriedaboutsatan- Noise 01 (reprise)
17. Arms & Sleepers- Warm                                          -been obsessed with this song...
18.     "             "        -  Untitled

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